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Below you will find Legitimate Testimonials from some of our clients that have used our systems.

  • My Artisan 50 has run around 250,000 postcards over the last 2 years!!!
    Mike Sokol, Hagerstown, MD - (Jan 16th, 2015).

  • I ordered this kit based upon reviews I'd seen from others. I struggled with the priming and over-cleaned the heads looking to solve my dilemmas. Finally an email to Winnie at IR and she sent me back some tips ASAP with a better procedure. Following her instructions I was able to get it working well with consistent printouts. I'm getting the quality I paid for, and recommend this system to others.
    Jim Cooper - SharpByCoop Photography - (March 2013).

  • Tips for 3800/3880 i-Refill customers:
    If you are struggling with the banding problem right after the initial setup of our i-Refill system, please do NOT keep running cleaning cycles, instea, do the following:
    1. Run just one Power clean
    2. Run Normal clean (nozzle clean)
    3. Do NOT print anything after step 2, just wait few hours or even overnight before running a nozzle check from Epson software.
    See 3800/3880 instruction on our knowledge base for more information.

  • The ink systems (Epson R260, R280 and Artisan 50 CIS) allow me to do my own graphic design work to print out hundreds of CD labels, booklets and inserts. Thank you !!!
    Walt Cronin, Los Angeles - (Jan 2013).

  • I've been using your i-Ink-2 system for a number of years, and you have my review on your website at: I've now run a two hundred thousand more postcards on my aging Epson 280 printer...
    Mike Sokol, Hagerstown, MD - (Feb 25th, 2012).

  • Just some feedback about the installation and test prints (3800 i-Refill). The installation was really easy, step by step you follow the installation guide and you don't have to be an engineer to do this. Everybody can do it. The printing results were amazing. With the same profiles as the original ink of Epson, you can almost see no difference in colours. What a nice surprise !! I had the possibility to make a custom profile, so now everything is perfect. Your equipment and ink is really top quality. I think that you should make more publicity, you would be very successful.
    Johnny Boden, BELGIUM - (June 2011).

  • I've installed the waste ink bottle system on my R2400 thanks to your excellent web instructions.
    Richard Bingham, United Kingdom - (April 2011).

  • I recently bought one of your ink systems for my Epson Photo 1400 printer. Everything is working very well indeed. Many thanks for an excellent product.
    Brian Sherriff, United Kingdom - (April 2011).

  • I have to say that i am really impressed with the inks (R2400 CIS system, 3880 iRefill system and IRK4-nano). As for the customer service. it is top notch. just as good as amazon or even you are great.
    Kevin Shugi, Staten Island, NY - (Feb 2011).

  • I just wanted you to know That i got the ink system (Epson 3880 i-Refill) working and am very happy with the results.
    Ron Keebler ( - (July 2010).

  • "Thanks much, Got the R1900 system working well!"
    Scott Howard ( - (July 2010)

  • "No hustle! got the item, InkRepublic 1410 system and dye inks after three days and the product works as advertised.!" Ralph Menz (adFocus Support Systems ) - (Apr 2010)

  • "Thank you for your help in getting my system installed.
    I want to offer you the following testamomial as of 9/24/09:

    I received my continuous Ink system for the Epson Stylus Photo 1400 from InkRepublic and
    couldn't be happier!When I received the Stylus Photo Ink2 System for my printer I needed a
    minimal amount of help from InkRepublic for some installation questions and they responded
    to my questions in less than an hour on a weekend. With their help, my ink system was not
    only easy to install, but showed excellent quality on the printing of family pictures.
    I reprinted some pictures from earlier and found the photos to be of superior quality to
    my original prints! So far I have printed more a hundred 4x6 and 8x10 prints and nine
    13x19 prints plus many pages of text
    with a minimal reduction of ink. I'm using my printer
    a lot more, getting great results, and saving money. Who could ask for more!
    Thank you InkRepublic!

    Feel free to use this testamonial. I've done a lot of online shopping in the past and never purchased a product I've been happier with.

    - John Stankovich(Sept 2009)

  • Not sure where on your site you like feedback, so I'm just sending it to your email.
    I installed the full system on my Epson Photo 1400 today, my notes thus far:

    - The tubes were binding on a regular basis due to twisting. I corrected this by taking the
    second small routing bracket and sticking it directly to the Cyan damper to hold the tubes
    running out of the cartridge lid in the correct position. This fixed all binding problems,
    and I would almost suggest adding a guide for the tubes onto the replacement lid.

    - In the review posted by Jon Smithers, he put a rubber stopper under the lid to allow for it to
    sit in place without the problem of the lid jumping around. I'd suggest actually adding a
    half inch rubber mat to the bridge piece to solve the problem in the kit you sell.

    - Chip install - Totally a breeze, awesome design!

    - Excess ink collection bottle - the pictures Jon Smithers provided were great,
    I never would have known where to go otherwise.

    - Philip West(Sept 2009)

  • "Here is my installation of Epson R1800 ink system" Olivier Isenschmid (Sublimation Corp., - Geneve, Switzerland(Nov 2005, July 2005, May 2005)

  • "I finally spent some time and installed the i-Ink system on my CX6600, and it is working very well! I'm very happy with the entire installation and it looks like it should stay working for a good long time. The tube routing needed to be changed for this model, so I routed them under the print head, and attached them to the case with metal foil tape. I also used two small pieces of plastic to hold the scanner lid up a little higher so that the tubes were not pinched. And of course a custom bottle rack attached to the side of the printer. I bought this system dry, but after an email I was told who manufactures the inks that are used with the full system. I feel confident in saying this ink is some of the finest third party (pigment) ink on the market. And yes the lid does close once the black gaffer tape is removed (center front of printer). Sorry there aren't better pictures, but I would have had to remove the scanner to take them. " Greg Endler (Digital Fine Art Printing, - Cortland, NY (Aug 2005)

  • "Your service is fantastic! I've greatly appreciated your responses and just this morning recommended to some people that they post why your CIS system is the best." Lawrence L. Logan, CMO (Absorbent Technologies, Inc., - Beaverton, OR(May 2005, Oct 2005)

  • "My R1800 CIS appears to be working okay... I did run a nozzle check and the nozzle check is okay. I printed quite a few 8 X 10 pictures Monday and then yesterday I printed a couple of 13 x 19 pictures and they printed okay. I took three pictures showing my setup and the bottles on the side." Nancy Zeltvay - Newcastle, CA (Apr 2005, Aug 2005)

  • "Thanks again for the R800 system, I have done a fair amount of printing now and am very pleased with the way it all works. From my experience of the installation (easy) and the subsequent customer service received (excellent) I would recommend this to anyone looking to both reduce costs and increase productivity. Thanks again." David (Crossgrain Inc., - Aurora, CO (Feb 2005)

  • "...I think your 2200 system is priced very competitively compared to the other systems I've found from the Internet. These other systems only include 7 cartridges and 7 inks. Customer have to choose which black to buy or use a compromised "universal" black. And of course customer can only use it with the 2200. Your system gave me all 8 inks and 8 ink dampers and it will work with other printers. Not to mention the system just flows much better. Actually, I think your system is a bargain in comparison! Thank you!" Edmond Kim - Northridge, CA (Feb 2005)

  • "Hello, Thank you for your follow up about my second bulk 1280 system. I received everything well and all is working well with both of my systems. Thank you for your great service ... all has been going well! Thanks and have a great day!" Brian A. Tricoli (Owner of - Hawthorne, NJ (Jan 2005, Feb 2005)

  • "Just wanted to let you know that the continuous ink flow system that you sent me is outstanding and have worked flawlessly with no problems. The inks that came with the system is excellent; colors are rich and vibrant. The system paid for itself with the purchase of your inks for penny's on the dollar. I included a photograph of the system installed in my Epson 2200. Yours truly, Belden Fodran" Belden Fodran (Memory Creations Photography) - Albuquerque, NM (Feb 2005)

  • "Thank you so much for your support. Got the R800 system installed this weekend and I must say it is awsome!!! This is a really great product, and with the video, is an easy install. I can tell no difference from the OEM Epson ink. I have printed a bunch of pics and the ink resevoirs have barely gone down" Joe Beatty - Premier Food and Oils Corporation, Commerce, CA (Dec 2004, Feb 2005)

  • "I bought a C86 bulk ink system from you this month, I love it, it is amazing! it is so much better than other systems I bought from other companies. This is a really great product, I am going to place another order of C86 continuous ink system from you. I also realize that your C86 system is compatible with CX6400, C84, C64, C66 and damper parts are compatible with R200, R300, RX500, RX600, R800 even R1800. I dont have to buy the whole system again if planing to migrate this system to different models. It's a GREAT saving!" Greg Donovan - Pacific Grove, CA (Feb 2005)

  • "... Your damper system with pre-attached tubing is top notch, high quality. I personally think it is way cool to be able to see inside and watch the ink flow through them, it makes it very easy to tell if there is any "foaming", of which problem I have not run into with your dampers. The seal from the o-rings is very snug ... At this point I do need a single damper/tubing/clamp set-up for 1280 printer, as I will be changing between matte black and glossy black inks in some of my print jobs. Your system is the only one that provides for this technique with the absolute minimum of fuss/hassle/problems." Jon Friederichs - Pasco, WA (Dec 2004, Feb 2005)

  • "Thank you very much for your kind message. In case you don't know, I'm writing from Costa Rica. Now you can say that you have a very happy customer in Costa Rica. Yes indeed, I installed your product in my Epson 1280... InkRepublic's CIS gave me a great performance right from the beginning. And it has been performing great so far. Thank you for caring about your customers and for giving people involved in inkjet printing such a fantastic product. Certainly the best around." Jon Edgardo Font Ulloa - Costa Rica (Jan 2005)

  • "I found your cartridge design to be the best on the market (I use them with an Epson 1280 and hextone inks from other 3rd party)..."Andu Novac - New York, NY (Jan 2005, Feb 2005)

  • "I can report that the installation of C86 ink kit went very well. I experienced a problem with seating the chipset correctly, but after a few tries this worked. I have tested it and it works well...." Bayne Ian - (Jan 2005)

  • "... Everything worked out fine I am very pleased with your product. I have already recommended your product to a few of my friends who are very interested in purchasing your ink filling system. ... " (Nov 2004)
    "I would just like to say that I purchased your product a few months ago and was very happy and impressed with it, can we get 2 sets of R300 ..." (Feb 2005) Jose Chiu Jr. (AMICO Corporation) - Ontario Canada (Nov 2004, Feb 2005)

  • "I bought a ink system for my epson stylus R300 back in September 04, I have used it and enjoyed it...." Mildred Hughes - Sumter, SC (Sept 2004, Feb 2005)

  • "... I am a graphic designer in Boise, Idaho. I bought a bulk ink system a month and a half ago for my Epson 1280 (receipt number 2145-xxxx-xxxx-5159). I have been happy with my system ... " Jared A Ray - Boise, ID (Oct 2004)

  • "... your iINK 2200 works great. I am attaching a few jpg's of my setup ... " David Paradowski - New York (Nov 2004)

  • "... Hi Sir, Mrs, I use you system now since about 1 week and it's wonderful! I have printed more than 800 pages with my C86. I'm very happy! Everybody should have one! ... " Pierre Sansoucy - Quebec Canada (Nov 2004)

  • "Your customers must be very happy with your exelent customer service...It rocks, the best service Ive recieved so far, during all this ... of course you are most welcome to use my comment and attach my name to it on your website. It might benefit if you write that I am danish, that way other danish customers will see that you have sucesfully delivered goods to this part of Europe aswell, and that you also take care of your international customers. I will be more than happy, to use my name for a reccomendation for your shop. " Mikkel Gedebjerg - Danish, Europe (Sept 2004, Oct 2004)

  • "Well it is installed and working just as you promised! The print is very nice, and I can't tell a different from the Epson ink to the ink you supplied with it! Thanks a million this will really help out on our printing cost! I look forward to doing business again." Jamie Thomas - Hillsboro, MO ( (Sept 2004)

  • "I have never been more impressed with a product. Your CIS is absolutely amazing. From the ease of installation, to the high quality of the prints, incredible! I have already reccomended your product to family and friends. I can't even fathom the amount of money I'll be saving thanks to your product!! As for your customer service, top-notch. Extremely fast responses, very generous and concerned about their customers. Very pleased." Matthew Chandler - Avondale, AZ (Sept 2004)

  • "... I brought an Epson R300 CIS of your site a while back and a friend has seen it and wants one but he has got a Epson C62, However u do not do this printer the closes i can see is Epson C64 would this work? ... Just thouhgt u might like put it up on site to show a working printer to potecial customers. I've compressed it with divx 5.2 and sounds is mp3 to make it small aspossible & in 640x480 resolution hope u like it. if u need any more pictures videos just ask :) ..." Trevor Lack - Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom, Europe (Aug 2004, Sept 2004, Nov 2004)

    *** Video: R300 Printer with iINK system In Action (800KB, Divx Format, Courtesy by Trevor Lack)

  • "I'm really enjoying the CIS for my Epson 2200 - it works just like it is supposed to be ...", "Attached is photos of the CIS for my Epson 2200. Best thing I ever purchased for my printer - no worries about ink running out in the middle of a project. Thanks for your great support and a great product." Tara Jirschefske - Los Angeles, CA (July 2004, Oct 2004)

  • "... everything works great with my Epson R300 printer ..." Ronald Lovejoy - Hastings, MN (July 2004, Sept 2004)

  • "Thank you so much. The iINK 2100 system so far so good..." Wai man chan - Rego Park, NY (Oct 2004)

  • "...excellent problems with the product (R200 iINK system)..." Ramon Henriquez - Bronx, NY (Oct 2004)

  • " ...I am satisfied with system. It was easy to setup...You have such great service. Thank you so much. Please keep me updated on those inks. I am very interested in doing more business with you." Romain Ceroriales - Passaic, NJ (Aug 2004, Oct 2004)

  • "GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE ... Everything worked great ... I used to restrict my kids because of the cost of the ink. All together with the printer (Epson R200) ink and your system it cost $400 much less then 3 printers and ink, now they don't have to ask me anymore if they can print something " CRAIG TWARDY - Jupiter, FL (July 2004)

  • "I have been looking for the better Continuous Ink System for 3 years, I have been trying several different systems, but obviously yours is the best ... I am still printing invitations. Printed 300 so far. No problem. Still printing. I love it so much! I am willing to endorse your system also I will refer your systems to my friends." Sunil Dhavalikar - Plainsboro, NJ (May 2004)

  • "... To reduce my printing cost, I believe your system does the excellent job! ... I will definitely introduce your amazing systems to my classmates in USC ..." Eva - Los Angeles, CA (April 2004)

  • "... I tried both yours and MIS systems for my C84, C66, CX6400 and CX5400, your System is much much better than MIS.... " Matthew - Sandy, UT (June 2004, July 2004, Sept 2004, Oct 2004)

  • "... It works great. I would recommend it to other users." HXP - Long Beach, CA (May 2004)

  • "System works, Thanks, A+++++ ..." Travis - Westbrook, MN (June 2004)

  • "Excellent Customer Service ...I was so pleased to your wonderful works" Sandy - Evansville, IN (May 2004)

  • "I am impressed by your system...Now, I don't have to worry about the cost of printing out my homeworks ... The best product of its kind. Product arrive as described, Fast respond ..." Chichang - San Deigo, CA (Feb 2004)

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